The Land of the Kangaroos (Part 2)

Hello friends!

It’s time to grab a snack and a comfy spot because today I’m going to be talking all about my wonderful time in Melbourne.

After staying in Sydney for a couple of days, we headed to Melbourne. The plane ride was only an hour and a half in duration and a short 3 day trip was all we needed. Overall I would describe Melbourne as a trendy city with a laid back atmosphere. Some things that stood out to me were the creative graffiti alleys, buzzing restaurants, hipster cafes and stunning coastlines.



First things first, coffee! After we searched on google maps to see what was nearby, we decided on a cafe called Brother Baba Budan. It was this small, rustic cafe that had a bunch of chairs installed on the ceiling as decor. I’m actually not a huge coffee drinker but the cappuccino I ordered there was unbelievably good. It was so smooth and not bitter at all!


Next, we walked around the city to check out the street art at the popular spots –  Union Lane and Hosier Lane. Definitely a cool place to take pictures for the gram against these vibrant, colourful walls. For dinner, we headed to a cute sushi train restaurant called Sakura Kaiten Sushi. Although it was quite small and busy when we arrived, we didn’t have to wait too long to get seated. Prices were a little above average compared to sushi in Vancouver, but it was reasonable in Melbourne and definitely satisfied my sushi cravings.


Later in the evening, we strolled along the Yarra River and through the Seafarers Bridge to the other side. As it was a Saturday night, the bars all along the river were packed with people enjoying the night life. We ended off our night with some good drinks and conversations at Hopscotch Melbourne.



The following day we had brunch at Ada Grace Cafe. This place quickly became my favourite brunch place in the world. Their food not only looked delicious, but tasted even better! If I were to recommend one place in Melbourne, this cafe would definitely be my top pick.


Of course it is not a trip to Melbourne without visiting Brighton Beach.  Given that it was the weekend, the beach was very crowded with tourists everywhere taking photos in front of the bathing boxes. The bathing boxes extended quite far, so Brendan and I just took our time to wander around the beach. Despite all the people, I did enjoy leisurely walking along the beach and checking out each uniquely painted shed.


Just as we were about to head back to our Airbnb, Brendan and I stumbled across the Kit Kat Chocolatory at Melbourne Central. Of course when I saw this, I pulled us both inside immediately. The Kit Kat Studio looked very sleek with its red glossy walls and a modern interior design. Inside the shop, there were these touch-screen machines that allowed people to customize their own Kit Kats. We had so much fun choosing the ingredients we wanted to put in our Kit Kat followed by our box design. Keep in mind that they may take a few hours up to a day to make, however there were also special pre-made customized ones they had in stock for people that didn’t want to wait as long.

In the evening, we met up with a few of Brendan’s friends at Rice Paper Scissors. It was this modern Southeast asian restaurant with a shared eating concept which was perfect for our group setting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my Melbourne adventures so far and get a chance to visit this amazing city for yourself. In my next post, I will be talking about our fun experiences driving along the Great Ocean Road and finally seeing the Twelve Apostles!

With love,







3 thoughts on “The Land of the Kangaroos (Part 2)

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    1. I loved Sushi Hub as a quick snack! You should definitely check out their other sushi train restaurants too, there’s so much food to explore in Melbourne…I can’t wait to go back!

      Thanks! Hope you get to visit it soon (especially because you live in Melbs), it was so stunning.


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