The Land of the Kangaroos (Part 3)

It has been a productive week for me, so I’ve decided to continue this momentum to finish writing up the next part of my Australia trip! In this post, I will be sharing some of my favourite memories and sights during our drive along the Great Ocean Road.

On our last day in Melbourne, we rented a car to explore the stunning coasts of Victoria. It was so surreal to finally see the Twelve Apostles with my own eyes. It took us approximately four hours to get there along the Great Ocean Road and about three and a half coming back through a shorter (less scenic) route. If you’re thinking of going, make sure you have enough snacks and water in the car because this literally took us the whole day with most of it being on the road.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetIMG_1054-1

Before we headed out, we fuelled ourselves with some pretty instagrammable food at The Kettle Black. Do yourself a favour and pass on the avocado toast (pictured in the back) because $15 for something you could make at home is not worth it.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

Our first stop was Lord Ard Gorge. In the beginning, we struggled to find the pathway that would take us down to the beach so we ended up walking around the entire area to  check out the different look out points. It was so therapeutic to just stare out into the ocean and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing into the cliffs. We finally stumbled across the path to the beach as we were leaving. Turns out it was actually located near the right side of the parking lot close to where we parked (of course). These two unconnected rock pillars combined with the fine sand beach created such a beautiful landscape and looked incredible up close.

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Next we visited the famous Twelve Apostles. This had been on my bucket-list to visit for a long while and had been bookmarked on my Instagram countless times. I remember when I first described this place to Christine I told her it was a bunch of big rocks. Clearly that was not an accurate description (now that I’m taking a geology course) but the pictures I had seen before definitely didn’t do this place justice.  It was breathtaking. The strong waves created a very misty environment and carved out beautiful ripples in the sand. The pattern of the eroded rocks looked unique in that they were distinctly layered by the different sediments. As there are only supposedly eight  “Apostles” left,  I highly recommend you go soon before more of the rocks weather down!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Our last stop was Gibson’s Steps. Similar to Lord Ard Gorge, there was a staircase leading down to the beach area where people could enjoy the view. We didn’t stay for too long as the sun was starting to set, but Christine did manage to take a bunch of cute photos for Brendan and I. When we took the piggyback photo, Brendan got his shoes all wet because we didn’t notice the waves coming in so quickly (oops!).

If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne anytime soon, I would definitely suggest making a day trip to drive along the Great Ocean Road. The scenery is too beautiful and worthwhile to visit with some friends or loved ones. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures along the coasts of Victoria. I’m headed on another trip very soon in two weeks and I can’t wait to share my next travel adventures with you all!

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